Fiction is A Necessity


They’re gonna eat all the chickens…


They’re gonna eat all the chickens…

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Men Experiencing Labor Pains

With their wives supporting them.

“Men can handle anything”

“Women exaggerate everything”

And then they realized just how wrong they were

That was beautiful 

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Game of Thrones Season 4: The Rains of Castamere by Sigur Rós

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The good parts are so good, you’re willing to suffer an unbelievable amount of pain, just to get to them.

Love this.

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the flowers of holland’s keukenhof gardens near lisse in spring bloom. (a sort of “modern day tulip mania" — shout out to econ historians.) photos by (click pic) yves hermanpeter femtodaily overviewguilhem de cooman, rdevo58, frans sellies, edwin jones, and allard schager 

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